Today we will discuss Aadhar Card Download and how you can save time by using the online method. E-Aadhaar Card is the duplicate UID card that one can download if he/she has lost the original one or updated the old one. UIDAI has made service portal on their official website to get the card easily without paying anything in return. The online portal is the most convenient and fastest way of getting duplicate adhar card. Therefore we will tell you everything about the Eaadhar cards in this article.

Duplicate Aadhaar Card:

Many people face wrong print on their aadhaar. Hence to correct this they need to update the details on the card. However, after updating they will not receive new adhar at their residential address.

UIDAI provides the original card only once. If anyone losses it or changes details in it, they need to download and print the eaadhar card. If you are worried that the printout is valid or not, then do not worry.

According to UIDAI’s directive, the printout is as valid as the one sent by UIDAI. This is a huge advantage as people do not need to pay anything or stand in long queues. The other government identification documents like passport or driving license.

E-Aadhaar Dowload:

It is very easy to download your new UID card. It can be done with the help of EID or the aadhaar number. So if there is a delay in the delivery of the UID you can download it online.

You can check the aadhar status online or by SMS. This will tell you if your aadhar card is prepared or not. If it is prepared you can download it online.

aadhar card download

Please note that the only method to get duplicate UID card is by online. You can visit the enrollment center also for this purpose. However, they will also download and give you a printout of your Eaadhar.

The people must have their registered phone number for this purpose. UIDAI has provided a security feature of sending OTP to authenticate the download. Hence, you need your registered phone number for the aadhar card pdf.

Instructions for download:

So if you have the requirements then visit the official website You can also click on the direct link given below to go to the eaadhaar download page.

  • Visit the official website and click on the download aadhaar card.
  • After that enter the aadhaar card number or enrollment ID.
  • Next enter your Pin Code.
  • Finally type the security code and click on get OTP.
  • Next, enter the OTP and click on “Validate and Download”.

Downlaod Link

Common questions:

Many people wonder which paper they should buy for printing. Well it doesn’t matter. You can print the eadhar card on any paper. Therefore if someone suggests you to buy expensive paper, do not listen to him/her.

Moreover, somevpeople suggest to print the UID on PVC cards. This is also unnecessary. A colour printout on any A4 sheet is considered original.

When you open the aadhar card PDF, it will ask for password. Simply enter your Pin Code to unlock. Hence, your residential pin code is the PDF password.

Finally, one must validate the signature on the PDF by following the instructions given on UIDAI’s website.

Hope this article answered all your questions on aadhar card download. If you have any doubt please comment below.


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